My Life is ACTUALLY Average.

Today, in science, we were reading out loud. I had to read a part that said organism. I read it as “organism” not “orgasm” . MLIAA


Today, I didn’t go to class even though we’re graded on attendance. I get a free pass, though, so it’ll be fine. MLIAA


Today, I bought a packed of 24 chocolates instead of an advent calander because it was cheaper for the same amount of chocolate. MLIAA


Today, I didn’t know how to do a problem on my chemistry homework, and I felt stupid.  When I got to class, no one knew how to do the problem.  I felt less stupid.  MLIAA.


Today, my stomach growled quite loudly while I was in class, and the person next to me looked over. I was embarrassed so I acted like I didn’t notice. MLIAA


Today, I got out of the shower and was wet. I used my towel to dry off. MLIAA


It is 2:15 in the morning. I am doing homework. It makes me sad that this is a normal occurrence. It’s my own fault though. MLIAA.


Today, I learned that “anyways” is not a word. I’ll still use it anyways. MLIAA


Today, I watched the Food Network for four hours with no intention to cook any of the recipes I saw. MLIAA


Today, I had half a beer. I didn’t really like it so I stopped drinking it. After brushing my teeth and eating Tic-Tacs, I still have a beer aftertaste in my mouth. It’s kind of unpleasant. MLIAA


Today I was substituting for 7th grade. One of the girls had a Twilight poster and asked me if I liked Twilight. I replied that I had a friend who was a fan, though I hadn’t read the books myself, but I thought anything that got more kids to read was good. MLIAA.


Today, I talked on the phone with a friend I haven’t seen in a long time. He told me that we have to hang out soon, I agreed, but I know we won’t. MLIAA


Today, I was playing guitar and noticed my strings needed to be changed. I went to the music store, bought some new ernie ball strings, came back home, and was too lazy to change them. MLIAA


Today, I was sitting in Physics class. As I thought about how concepts in that class didn’t always match up with my common sense. For a few seconds, I wondered if I was the next Isaac Newton, and everyone else was wrong. I was wrong. MLIAA

Editor’s Note: That’s exactly why I dropped that class.


Today I turned on the TV and saw a special about Tiger Woods cheating on his wife. All the reporters were being super serious and were very offended. I don’t understand why they all care so much about something that’s none of their business. MLIAA